Blogger Recognition Award


Leer en EspañolI am so excited to receive the Blogger Recognition Award from the established blogger Yukti of Travel with me 24 x 7. I would like to thank Yukti for selecting my lifestyle/travel blog and nominating me in the following post.This is my second award on blogging after the Liebster Award and I’m so glad these awards exist because they connect […]

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My experience as an Au Pair in England

England - London - Flag - Work Abroad - Au Pair

Leer en EspañolOur Spanish friend Laura Plasencia worked as an Au Pair in Boxford, England. In this post she explains us everything we need to know if we want to be an Au Pair anywhere in the world through AuPairWorld. We will know which are the main features of this work, such as eligibility and funding, which are the steps of […]

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The Golden Temple: a magical place in India

INDIA Golden Temple

Leer en EspañolThe Golden Temple is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited in my life. I remember I arrived in the night to its entrance and when I crossed its doors and walk down its stairs hearing the music and watching the incredible temple surrounded by water I stayed staring at it speechless.I visited the Golden Temple […]

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How to win the Sprachcaffe scholarship for a language course abroad

Sprachcaffe Scholarship - Pilar Noriega

Leer en EspañolI’m very excited because I won the Sprachcaffe scholarship for an English course and this summer I’m going to Malta! Let me share with you more about the course I’m going to take, other language courses and locations offered by Sprachcaffe and how I won the scholarship. 1 English Course in St. Julians, MaltaI’m going to take a 4-week intensive English course. […]

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How to master a job Interview

Leer en EspañolIf you are going to have a job interview, it means you`ve master how to create a professional CV, congrats!Weather you are applying to a big company as Google, Facebook, McKinsey, Bain, or Morgan Stanley just to mention a few examples or you are applying to a medium or small size company, there are several recommendations that will help […]

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