How to win the Sprachcaffe scholarship for a language course abroad

Sprachcaffe Scholarship - Pilar Noriega

Leer en EspañolI’m very excited because I won the Sprachcaffe scholarship for an English course and this summer I’m going to Malta! Let me share with you more about the course I’m going to take, other language courses and locations offered by Sprachcaffe and how I won the scholarship. 1 English Course in St. Julians, MaltaI’m going to take a 4-week intensive English course. […]

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How to find scholarships to study abroad

Leer en EspañolStudying abroad is definitely one of the best experiences you can have in your life which will allow you to grow academically and personally by taking courses in great schools and living by yourself in a foreign country. There are many universities all around the world in which you can spend a year or semester abroad and also […]

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How to study a summer course in Stanford University

Stanford University campus

Leer en EspañolIn 2014 I took the course “Valuing Business and Investment Opportunities” in Stanford Continuing Studies (part of Stanford University). It was a great experience because I was able to learn about investment and furthermore this allowed me to make long-lasting friendships with my classmates as well as Master students. Overall I had a fulfilling experience that opened me […]

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How to participate in the summer academy Waves of Democracy in Denmark

Denmark - Waves of Democracy

Leer en EspañolIn 2013 I participated in the summer academy Waves of Democracy in Sønderborg, Denmark. Here students from all around Europe gathered to address challenges in culture and politics and discuss steps towards their solution. Let me share with you my experience as well as the application process, and how to participate in other study programs around the world.1) […]

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