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Worldpackers connects travelers looking to exchange their skills for accommodation with incredible hosts from all around the world. It has a community of 1,000,000+ travelers and hosts worldwide.

By helping a few hours per day, you get accommodation for free on Hostels, Guest Houses, Pousadas, Surf Camps, Ecovillages, Yoga Studios, Home Stays, Campings, NGOs, Permaculture projects, Schools, Startups, Holistic Centers, Farms, Communities, Eco Lodges, and Hotels.

Anyone can become a Worldpacker, this site is perfect for:

  • People who are traveling alone for their first time: security is very important, there are reviews from other travelers in each project, and hosts go through a verification process. 70% of Worldpackers users are women!
  • People who want to make a longer trip, of at least 3 months: volunteering is a perfect way to travel more spending less. Many times what determines how long a trip is, is exactly the budget. Accommodation and food together account for about 70% of the costs of a trip and with Worldpackers you can save on these costs.
  • People who want to learn English: Many people are afraid of traveling because they do not know English, or because they know very little. But Worldpackers represents an opportunity to learn and practice English in a cultural immersion, much more than just a language course.
In this post you’ll get to know:
  1. Worldpakers
  2. Organization
  3. Country
  4. Types of hosts and work
  5. Duration
  6. Compensation
  7. Free
  8. Eligibility
  9. Application steps
  10. Deadline

Real Experience

My friend Mezzo from South Africa worked as a volunteer at a hostel in Cape Town. In this post, she will explain her experience

Read about it HERE.

1. Worldpackers

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2. Organization

Worldpackers was born through the life experiences of two friends. Riq Lima, an economist who left his job as an investment banker to travel the world for 4 years with little money. And Eric Faria, a certified accountant, who initially traveled to the USA to learn English, but ended up staying for nearly four years exchanging his skills for accommodation.

3. Country

With Worldpackers you can find opportunities worldwide. You can make a search by region, country or city. The regions are Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America, and Southeast Asia.

4. Types of hosts and work

The platform allows you to search for projects by:

a. Type

  • Work exchange: exchange your skills for accommodation
  • Social Impact: volunteer in NGOs, schools and social projects
  • Eco Program: learn Ecovillages, farms & permaculture projects

b. Availability

  • Last minute: needs help immediately
  • By month

c. How do you help

  • Welcoming & Helping Guests
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Interacting & Entertaining Guests
  • Building & Hands-on Chores
  • Teaching & Sharing
  • Community work
  • Eco Activities
  • Kitchen & Bar Tasks
  • Improving Websites & SEO
  • Household Chores

d. Skills

Gardening, Farming, Bartending, Handyman, Reception, Administration, Web Developer, Social Media, Teaching Languages, Painting & Decorating, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Party Promoter, Tour Guide, Social Work, Photography, Music, Arts, Cooking, Kitchen Hand, Video Making, Teaching Sports, Night Shift, Child Care and Animal Care.

e. Host type

Hostel, Guest House. Pousada, Surf Camp, Ecovillage, Yoga Studio, Home Stay, Camping, NGO, Permaculture project, School, Startup, Holistic Center, Farm, Community, Eco Lodge, and Hotel.

5. Duration

You can agree with your host the amount of time that you’ll be staying.

  • Short: stay less than one month.
  • Medium: stay one month.
  • Long: stay more than one month.

Usually, it varies from 2 weeks to 3 months, but I’ve heard of volunteers staying for more time. Also, if you like your host and want to stay more time you can propose to extend your visit.

6. Compensation

You’ll work usually 5 hours a day for 5 days (free weekend) in exchange for accommodation. Aside from accommodation, some hosts include meals and even discounts on trips and tours!

7. Fee

You’ll pay 49 USD for an annual membership and you’ll be able to apply to as many hosts as you want and confirm as many trips as you want. And you will also get assistance and support from Worldpackers staff throughout your trip.

Click here to sign up and create your profile.

When you buy your membership use the promocode LIFESTYLEHUNTER to have a discount of 20 USD!

8. Eligibility

In order to make sure everyone can travel alone safely and with legal protection, Worldpackers only allow applications and trip confirmations to people over 18.

9. Application steps

It is easy to participate in Worldpackers, just follow these steps:

  • Check the website: on you’ll find the host database.
  • Create your profile: make a profile with info about yourself, your experiences, photos of travels, and a list of your skills.
  • Search for a host in the database: in the Search Page you’ll find a search engine to find hosts. Search for hosts who offer what you’re looking for. You can filter your search by a specific location, kind of help needed, and time period.
  • If you find a project that you like, register to Worldpackers: you’ll only be able to send messages to the hosts once you’ve registered. When you find the opportunity of your dreams, all you have to do is become a verified member, The cost is $49 USD for an annual membership (use the promocode LIFESTYLEHUNTER to have a discount of 20 USD!)
  • Contact the host: once you have registered in Worldpackers you can send a message to the host and agree when will you arrive, how much time are you going to stay and in which activities will you be working.
  • Extra: Hosts can also search for travelers. Worldpackers has a search feature that filters travelers by skill, nationality, and language, and also shows you the travelers who are looking to travel in their area.

10. Deadline

Application open all over the year.

Good luck!

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