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Germany is facing a labor shortage and in order to cope with this, moving to Germany is becoming easier. The German Government have made changes in the Skilled Immigration Act to attract International Skilled Professionals. Some examples are the Opportunity Cards (Chancenkarte), EU Blue Cards, employment of students and trainees, Family Reunification Visas and more.

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In this post you’ll get to know the following:

  1. Websites to apply for English-speaking jobs in Germany
  2. Part time / flexible work in Germany
  3. Recruitment Agencies
  4. Job Portals in Germany
  5. Companies hiring in Germany for English speaking Jobs
  6. Visa Sponsorship
  7. Recognition of foreign qualifications
  8. Learn German

1. Websites to apply for English-speaking jobs in Germany

a. EnglishJobs

Find job offers with no German required. You can filter the results by city or look for specific job titles.

Apply HERE:

English Jobs

b. The Local

Search for jobs in mainly Software Engineering, Sales, Customer Service and Education & Training. The main locations are Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Another great advantage is to be able to filter the jobs by type (contract, full time, part time, remote or temporary).

Apply HERE:

c. Top language Jobs

Find job posts, companies, trends and advice about your career. Upload your resume and apply for jobs.

Apply HERE:

d. Arbeitnow

Filter the job results by English speaking jobs with no German required or with visa sponsorship.

Apply HERE:


2. Part time / flexible work in Germany

a. Zenjob

Zenjob allows you to plan your routine in whatever way suits you best. Here you can find student jobs, short-term mini jobs, part-time jobs and summer jobs. Some examples are cashier, stock replenisher, shop assistant, warehouse assistant, driver, temporary bar staff, server, office staff, promoter, and customer center staff.

Apply HERE:

b. Jobmensa

This website provides you with flexible part-time jobs so that you earn money and always have enough time for studying and life. You can filter results by city and add as key word “English”.

Apply HERE:


c. Unique-Students

Find part-time jobs or semester holiday jobs in (almost) all industries and areas.

Apply HERE:

3. Recruitment Agencies

a. Origin Multilingual 

Is a specialist Language Recruitment Agency. Your dedicated Recruiter will help you understand the roles that match your job search parameters. They have 8 core markets: Customer service, Gaming & Gambling, Finance & Accouting, Sales & Marketing support, Tech Support, Translation & Localization and M.M.O.R.P.G.

Apply HERE:

4. Job Portals in Germany

Here you will find all kind of job positions in English as well as in German and other languages. You can add as a keyword your preferred language to find job positions requiring that skill.

a. Arbeitsagentur

This is an official website from the government, the advantage is that you can find opportunities for Work, Training/Dual Studies, Internship/Trainee, and Freelancer. However, the majority of jobs require German.

Apply HERE:


b. JobLift

Job seekers can apply for one or more jobs at any time and from anywhere. With more than 4 million users, they are true experts for job searches.

Apply HERE:

c. StepStone

Stepstone is one of the world’s leading online job platforms. You can find Full and Part time jobs here.

Apply HERE:


d. Indeed

Indeed is one of the world’s leading job sites. It lets you search for jobs, build your resume, and get information about companies.

Apply HERE:

e. LinkedIn

A lot of employers in Germany use LinkedIn to recruit talent. Create your profile and let companies find you. Also, you can search for jobs in different cities and add “English” as a keyword.

Apply HERE:

5. Companies Hiring in Germany for English Speaking Jobs

Below is a list of companies providing assistance with Visa Sponsorships and Relocation Support. You can go their websites career page and apply directly for relevant positions.

a. Bayer

One of the world’s leading companies in the fields of health and nutrition.

Apply HERE:


b. Hello Fresh Deutschland

One of the world’s leading meal kit provider, delivering to over 4.2 million households worldwide in more than 15 countries across 3 continents.

Apply HERE:

Hello Fresh

c. Adsquare

This company helps to improve marketing campaigns planning and activation.

Apply HERE:

6. What is Visa Sponsorship and Relocation?

To get work visa you need to have work contract. Visa Sponsorships and relocation simply means that the hiring company will offer you support for your Visa application and Relocation process.

7. Recognition of foreign qualifications

You may need to recognize your university title or other qualifications. During the recognition procedure, the competent German authority checks if your foreign professional qualification is equivalent to a German one.

  • Time: once your documents have been fully submitted, the authority will examine them within three to four months.
  • Cost: the recognition procedure can cost up to €600, or more.

Precise details as to how the recognition procedure works as well as further information can be found on Make it in Germany website.

8. Learn German

Knowing German makes you a better candidate when applying for job positions. Generally the companies expect a B1 level to prove you are able to communicate with your colleagues and clients effectively.

Also, a minimum A2 level is usually required to obtain a visa for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications.

  • Language classes: there are many institutions offering courses both online and presential.

  • Integration courses: as a EU citizen you are welcome to take part in a free integration course. For Non-EU citizens the course has a cost but if you pass the final examination within two years of being accepted to the course, half of the course fee will be refunded.

Find more information on German language courses HERE

In the Work Abroad section, you can find more experiences earning internships and full-time job positions abroad! If you had a similar experience and want to inspire others to apply please send an email to

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English speaking jobs in Germany

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