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Nomador is a website that connects homeowners and house-sitters. If you are traveling and you want to save money on accommodation you can do it by helping pet-owners who want to go on holiday.

As a homeowner, a house-sitter will look after your home when you’re away. As a house-sitter, you will be able to discover new areas of the world while looking after someone’s home.

1. Website

Nomador Social media

2. Country

With Nomador you can find house-sitting opportunities worldwide. There are 11,373 past and present house sits listed on this website and the list is growing every day.

3. Organization

Nomador was launched in Sydney in February 2014 by the founders of the French website ILIDOR, European house-sitting market leader (founded 2007).

4. Types of work

  • Watch after the house.
  • Care for the pet/pets.
  • Tending the garden.

5. Duration

The duration of the sits varies a lot. But most of the people need someone to look after the house during their vacation, so it is mostly 2-3 weeks.

6. Compensation

You offer your time and care for others’ house/pet/garden and you can stay there for free.

7. Fee

You can see all house sits without registering or paying any fee, if you are interested in one and want to apply you can choose between 2 options:

  • Discovery Option: limit of 3 applications. Free of Charge.
  • Confidence Option: unlimited applications. Costs 35 USD to register per quarter and 89 USD per year.

Find more information on Nomador fees and registration here

8. Eligibility

Before you get in contact with a home-owner, you need to have at least one ID document or proof of domicile validated.

 9. Application steps

It is easy to participate to Nomador, just follow these steps:

  1. Check the website: you will directly see the different house sits.
  2. Search for a house sit in the data base: you can either just scroll through the different house sits or restrict the search with destination, dates or other search criteria.
  3. If you find a house sit that you like, register to Nomador: with a free membership you will only have 3 applications available and with a paid membership you will have unlimited applications (as mentioned before).
  4. Contact the house-sit: Once you have registered in Nomador you can send a message to the house owner and talk with them about the details of your stay.

10. Deadline

Application open all over the year.

Good luck!

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