Sea Point: 5 things you can do in this lively suburb of Cape Town, South Africa

Sea Point Cape Town Southafrica

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Cape Town’s suburb of Sea Point is a must-see location where you can do many activities as swim on its pools, bike along the promenade, do exercise on the outdoor gym, have a stroll, enjoy the beach, or eat delicious food on its restaurants and bars.

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa

Sea Point is one of Cape Town’s most affluent and densely populated suburbs. It is situated between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, a few kilometres to the west of Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD). Tall apartment blocks and hotels line the main road and promenade, looking out over the sea.

Sea Point map

I strongly recommend you to visit this part of Cape Town. Let me share with you the five things you can do here.

1. Swim in Sea Point Pavillion Swimming Pools

Sea Point Pavillion Swimming pools are popular among tourists and locals in Cape Town. There are four swimming pools with different sizes: main pool, diving pool, fun pool and children’s pool. There are also four changing rooms with toilet, showers and lockers.

All of the pools have a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean and a friendly atmosphere. It can get full over the weekends so I suggest you to go on weekdays when it is more quiet and you have more space to swim.


  • Adults: $23 ZAR = $ 1.85 USD
  • Children: $12 ZAR = $ 0.96 USD
  • Pensioners: Free
  • Season ticket: $270 ZAR = $ 22 USD

Opening Times

07:00am – 19:00pm

sea point - cape town - south africa
sea point - cape town - south africa
sea point - cape town - south africa

For more information about the swimming pools check the Western Cape Government website and for more information about the prices check the City of Cape Town official website.

2. Ride a bike along Sea Point Promenade

Another option to have fun while contemplating the wonderful views of Sea Point is to rent a bicycle and explore the area. Safe and without traffic this is one of the best options to spend a nice evening with friends or alone.

a. Up Cycles

Is Cape Town’s first drop-and-go bicycle rental company. Its main fleet bicycles are Dutch-style, single speed, and back pedal city bikes; but you can also choose mountain bikes, road bikes and Ebikes with pre-reservation.

Up Cycles has 4 stations in: Sea Point, V&A Waterfront, Camps Bay and Breakaway Café. Unless it is raining heavily, it is opened seven days a week, 365 days a year from 8:00 to 20:00 but hours of operation change throughout the year, according to the time the sun goes down.


  • One hour: $70 ZAR = $6 USD
  • Two hours: $100 ZAR = $8 USD
  • Three hours: $130 ZAR = $10 USD
  • Half day: $200 ZAR = $16 USD
  • Full day until sunset: $250 ZAR = $20 USD
  • Child seat: from $60 ZAR = $5 USD
  • Child carriage: from $90 ZAR = $7 USD

For more information and contact phone number go to:

b. Mojo Hotel

Another option is to rent a bike from Mojo Hotel.

*I loved staying at Mojo Hotel, you can read more about my experience in the post My stay at the trendy Mojo Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa

Wether you are staying at Mojo Hotel or not you can rent a bike. I love the blue colors, these bikes are very pretty and you can take them right away from the hotel to your destination.


  • The first hour is for free
  • One hour: $100 ZAR = $8 USD
sea point - cape town - south africa

3. Work out on Sea Point Outdoor Gym

On your daily or weekly walks you now can do a full body work-out using the gym equipment of Sea Point Outdoor Gym. Here you won’t find weights or fancy machines, but you can just use your own body weight and hang from the bars and do abs, or push-ups.

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa
Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa
Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa

4. Enjoy the day tanning or picnicking in one of the beaches in Sea Point

Although the beaches of Sea Point don´t have a great stretch of sand and have more agitated waters due to the open sea, they are a great option to enjoy the day: you can make a picnic with your friends, bring your children to play on the sand, eat ice-cream while strolling through the beach or have a romantic date and watch the sunset.

There are several beaches in Sea Point:

Seapoint Beaches map

Rocklands Beach

Is a small, popular surf spot in Sea Point. Surfing conditions are best in a southeaster wind, but can work in a southwester too.

More info here: Rocklands Beach

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa - Rocklands Beach

Graaff’s Pool Beach

This natural sea pool was named after the Graaff family, who owned a mansion on the Sea Point beachfront in the mid-19th century and built the walkway and protective wall (now mostly demolished) for it.

More info here: Graaff’s Pool Beach

Milton Beach

Milton Beach is a sandy beach with a large tidal pool. The beach is separated from the sea by a rocky shelf. There are parking areas close by, as well as drinking fountains.

More info here: Milton Beach

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa - Milton Beach

Broken Bath Beach

Broken Baths Beach is close to the Sea Point swimming pool and promenade. Food vendors are close by and clean-ups are often scheduled so the beach is kept clean.

More info here: Broken Bath Beach

Broken bath - sea point - cape town - south africa

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a pretty beach where dogs are allowed.

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa - Sunset beach

Queen´s Beach

Queen’s Beach is named after the Queen’s Hotel that was built nearby in 1887. This is the most popular of the Sea Point beaches for sunbathing. There is little passing traffic and a free parking space is usually easy to find.

More info here: Queen´s Beach

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa - Queen Beach

Saunder’s Rock Beach

So named because of the imposing granite rocks that are a feature of this mostly wind-free beach. This is the last of the Sea Point beaches, closest to Bantry Bay and it has less space for sunbathers because it is dotted with outcrops of rock, but is popular with swimmers and families due to the small tidal pool.

More info here: Saunder’s Rock Beach

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa- Saunders Rock Beach

5. Bars & Restaurants in Sea Point

All over Main Road to Regent Road and over the Sea Point Promenade you will discover a great selection of fashion boutiques, African handicrafts shops, restaurants and fast food outlets.

Sea Point is full of varied options for enjoying quality food and drink, from local small places, to more sophisticated restaurants or even fussy bars.

Here are some suggestions for you along the beautiful Sea Point Promenade:

mojo market - cape town - southafrica

Mojo Market

Is a new and exciting 7-day-a-week food and lifestyle market based on Regent Road. It is a hybrid and eclectic mix of designer retail stalls, a daily fresh goods section and food vendors.

You can read more about it on the blog post Mojo Market: a must see in Cape Town, South Africa or in it’s official website.

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa

La Perla

La perla is a fancy restaurants where you can also go to grab some snacks and wine and watch the beautiful sunset from its terrace.

You can read more about it on its official website.


Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa

Harveys Bar & Lounge

Harveys Bar & Restaurant at the Winchester Mansions hotel is the perfect place to eat a delicious meal. Bistro by day and restaurant by night, Harveys offers South African cuisine with a European twist.

You can read more about it on its official website.


From morning coffee to party nights, beach bar with outdoor tables, local beer & homemade pizza.

You can read more about it on its official website.

If you come to Cape Town, don’t miss your chance to visit Sea Point!

Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa
Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa
Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa
Sea Point - Cape Town - South Africa

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