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Would you like to live in Germany? There are several ways to do it, like studying German, working as an AuPair, being a Freelancer, getting married, or even being a cook.

If you are Mexican, you can go to Germany for up to 90 days as a tourist with a Schengen Visa, and there is no need to apply for it, you can simply enter the country without any problems by showing your passport.

In this article, I will explain the ways in which you can go and live in Germany for more than 90 days and up to several years with a National Visa (and some of these visas will even give you the possibility to get your residency after some time).

On the official website of the German Embassy in Mexico, you can find all these visas and more detailed information about the application process. Here I will explain the basic requirements and leave you the link so that you can read more details.

If you are not Mexican, I recommend that you go to the official website of the German embassy in your country to find specific information.

  1. 1 Education
    1. Higher education
    2. German Intensive Course
    3. Searching for a professional training position (trades)/application for admission to a university
    4. Vocational training (berufsausbildung)/training (weiterbildung)
    5. Exchange (secondary / high school)
    6. Educational internship
  2. Paid Activity
    1. Recognition of foreign qualified vocational training
    2. Job search
    3. Au pair
    4. Blue card
    5. Work
    6. Research stay
    7. Voluntary service
    8. Internship
    9. Independent or “Freelance” activity
    10. Specialist cooks
  3. Family Reunification
    1. Family reunification for a spouse
    2. Marriage in Germany
    3. Family reunification for minors with non-German parent(s)
    4. Reunification with a German child

1. Education

1.1. Higher education

This visa has different modalities:

  • Higher Studies
  • Introductory course (Studienkolleg)
  • Preparatory language course for university studies
  • Technical College (FH)

*Duration: varies according to the course you want to take.

*Work: during your studies you can work part-time.

*Important: After completing your studies, you have the possibility to look for a job and live in Germany.

More information on the Higher Education visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Estudios superiores

1.2. German Intensive Course

You must study in an intensive course (with a minimum of 18 lessons per week of at least 45 minutes each).

  • Duration: at least three (3) months and maximum one (1) year.
  • Work: you are not allowed to work during the language course.
  • Important: In principle, the German language can be learned in the country of origin, so you will only be granted a visa if the authority considers that the course fits your economic, professional, and family situation.

More information about the German Intensive Course Visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Curso intensivo de aleman

1.3. Searching for a vocational training position (trades)/application for admission to a university

a. Search for a vocational training position (trades or Ausbildung)

  • You may not be over 25 years old and must have a high school diploma that allows you access to higher education. When you apply, you must indicate for which occupation you are seeking a training position.
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Work: No work is allowed.

b. Application for admission to university studies

  • If you are interested in studying at a German university but have not been admitted to a university, you can use this visa to go to Germany to make your application.
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Work: No work is allowed.

More information about the visa for the intensive course of trades and university application HERE.

Visa Alemania - Oficio

1.4. Vocational training (Berufsausbildung)/training (Weiterbildung)

a. Vocational training (Berufsausbildung)

  • You can obtain this visa if your goal is to prepare for a vocation and you are going to prepare at a training center and/or technical school (Berufsschule).

b. Training (Weiterbildung)

  • You can obtain this visa if your objective is to study a training course either at a training center and/or educational institution, or the company itself.

More information about the vocational training visa HERE.

1.5. Exchange (secondary / high school)

If you want to go on an exchange, you can do so from grade 9.

More information about the school exchange visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Intercambio secundaria o preparatoria

1.6. Educational internship

This visa gives students or graduates an insight into working life in Germany.

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Work: the internship should not be paid (for paid internships see information in point 2.8. Internships)

More information about the educational internship visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Practicas educativas

2. Paid Activity

2.1. Recognition of foreign qualified vocational training

To get a job in Germany, you will probably need to have your studies recognized, in other words, that the degree you studied in your country is recognized as equivalent to the degree you studied in Germany.

Sometimes, the accreditation will state that you are required to undertake additional training or have other qualifications to make up for your shortcomings. This is when you can make use of this visa.

  • Duration: varies
  • Work: it is possible to work part-time if the activity is related to the profession for which the qualification is sought.

More information about the Vocational Training Recognition Visa HERE.

2.2. Job search

If you have a qualified vocational training or university education, you can move to Germany to look for a job.

  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Work: When you find a job you can stay in Germany and renew your visa.

More information about the Job Search visa HERE.

2.3. Au pair

If you are between 18 and 26 years old and have at least A1 level of German, you can go to Germany to work as an Au Pair.

  • Duration: 1 year (cannot be renewed)
  • Job: your job as an Au Pair will be paid.

More information about the Au Pair visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Au Pair

2.4. Blue card

With the EU Blue Card, if you are a highly qualified professional or academic, you can have a simplified work permit that will allow you to work in other European countries as well. You will have to present an employment contract or a job offer from the company in Germany.

  • Duration: limited period
  • Work: your job must have a minimum annual gross salary of 55.200,- Euro (4.600,- Euro/month).

More information about the Blue Card HERE.

Visa Alemania - Blue card

2.5. Work

With this visa, you can work in Germany. You must present an employment contract or job offer from the company in Germany.

More information about the work visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Trabajo

2.6. Research stay

If you have a doctoral degree or need to do research for your degree, you can obtain this visa. This research project can be carried out with a German research institution or university.

  • Duration: varies
  • Work: you can receive a salary or grant for your research.

More information about the research visa HERE.

2.7. Voluntary service

There are different types of voluntary work, for all of them you will have to sign a contract with the corresponding office.

  • Federal Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst)
  • Volunteers “weltwärts”: only from 18 to 29 years
  • Year of Social Volunteering (FSJ) or Year of Ecological Volunteering (FÖJ): up to 26 years
  • European Voluntary Service (EFD): up to 30 years


  • Duration: varies
  • Work: you can receive accommodation and food for your volunteer work.

More information about the volunteer service visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - servicio de voluntariado

2.8. Internship

This visa allows for a full-time or part-time paid internship in Germany. You will have to present the internship contract.

  • Duration: varies
  • Work: Internships can be paid and if the salary is at least EUR 1,621, you will not have to present any more proof of sufficient financial resources.

More information about the internship visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - Practicas

2.9. Independent or “Freelance” activity

If you are a Freelancer or have your own company, you can apply for this visa. You must present a financial plan for your project and give a detailed description of your activities in order to demonstrate that you have sufficient economic resources to support yourself.

  • Duration: varies
  • Work: preferably you should have German clients and explaining how your project will positively influence Germany will give you points.

More information about the Freelancer visa HERE.

2.10. Specialist cooks

If you have a minimum of 2 years of work experience and you are a national of the country whose gastronomy is offered in the restaurant where you aspire to work. You will be able to apply for a specialized cook visa. You must present an employment contract or a job offer from the company.

  • Duration: up to 4 years

More information about the specialty cook visa HERE.

Visa Alemania - cocinero especializado

3. Family Reunification

3.1. Family reunification for spouse

If your partner lives in Germany (it doesn’t matter if he or she has German nationality) you can go and live together with this visa. You must present your original marriage certificate and have a minimum level of A1 of German.

More information on the Family Reunification Visa for Spouses HERE.

Visa Alemania - reunificacion familiar para conyugue

3.2. Marriage in Germany

If your partner is German and you want to get married, you can get your marriage visa. The fiancé(e) in Germany must go to the registry office BEFORE applying for the visa to register the marriage. It is not necessary for the Mexican fiancée to travel to Germany to do this. You must also have a minimum level of German A1.

More information about the marriage visa HERE.

3.3. Family reunification for minors with non-German parent(s)

If your parent(s) live in Germany with a residence permit but are not German, you can have this visa to go and live with them.

More information about the reunification visa with parents HERE.

Visa Alemania - reunificacion para menores con padres

3.4. Reunification with German son

If your child is German, you can have this visa to go and live with him/her.

More information about the reunification visa with a German child HERE.

Visa Alemania - reunificacion con hijo aleman

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