How to work remotely as a technology sales consultant and travel the world

How to work remotely as a technology sales consultant and travel the world

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If you want to start a remote sales career and work as a freelancer while traveling the world, SEED2C has developed SDReady, a free Slack community, that will allow you to find the perfect technology sales job.

But, what is SEED2C, and what is a Slack Community?

  • SEED2C: this company allows you to work independently, without set days or hours. Your job will be to be a SaaS – Software as a Service sales professional. In other words, you’ll be selling different software to tech companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and SanDisk mainly in the United States but also Worldwide. You can read more information HERE
  • Slack Community: Slack is a business communication platform, let’s say it is a kind of Facebook for businesses so after you register you’ll be able to see in the feed posts from different members and also contribute with your own content.

In this post, my cousin Maythe will explain to you the most important things you need to know to become a member of SDReady (a slack community from SEED2C) and gain a job as a sales representative.

If you have any questions, you can contact her here:

  • Mail:
  • Instagram: @ma_i_te_
  1. Advantages of SDReady
  2. Step by step guide to join the Free Slack Community
  3. My Experience working as a freelancer

1. Advantages of SDReady

The focus of this community is to:

a. Help individuals start a remote sales development career

In the platform you’ll see different posts of job offerings.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

b. Succeed when under-supported

You’ll also see posts with advice and tips that will help you perform better at your job by learning from the experts. If you have questions you can also contact other people and build a network of mentors that will guide you to achieve a top performance.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

c. Navigate the ever-changing startup environment

You will be updated on all major changes and important news in the tech world.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

2. Step by step guide to join the Free Slack Community

  1. Click here to join:

2. Introduce your work email address.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer 2

3. You’ll receive an email, open your inbox and confirm your email address.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

4. Enter your complete name and create a password.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

5. Done! Now you are a member of Slack.

Seed2c SDready tech sales freelancer

6. Start using it! You’ll see in the left several channels (#career_development, #cold_calling, #email_prospecting, #interviewing, #jobs, #mentoring, #questions, #radom, #social_media, #tools, #daily_routine, etc.)

3. My Experience Working as a freelancer

a. Location

I’m a Mexican currently living in Buenos Aires, I also lived in Barcelona for a year and in Rosario, Argentina for 6 months and I’m planning to move back to Spain.

b. Working hours

Depending on the project, you would either work a full-time schedule, meaning 45 hours a week or part-time, which then will be specified.

But you can work at your preferred times during the day unless the client requests otherwise. For example, you don’t have to work over the weekends, but you can choose to work on a Saturday and skip a Monday.

This is because this job is goal-oriented, not paid-by-the-hour. If you’re reaching your quota you can have as much freedom as you want.

c. Work tasks

The Sales Development Rep (SDR) role consists of outbound sales, you will be emailing, cold-calling, and connecting with people on LinkedIn. Lots of research is also part of the job, you need to understand the “sales persona” you are trying to reach and the companies they are working for and to be able to clearly state a “why the, why now” approach so they would be interested in listening to your sales pitch.

If you’re actually interested I would definitely encourage you to learn about sales and what an SDR does. This is why joining a community like this can be extremely helpful, plus it is free.

d. Colleagues

Everything is 100% remote. It can be either a 1-man project or a team of SDRs, depending on the company you are working for.

e. Salary

Salary is always in US dollars, can be hourly as a side gig, or you can have a base plus commission. For an entry-level, you can expect at least $1k USD base plus commission but it obviously varies from project to project and on your performance.

f. Pros and cons


  • I love the freedom and the independence that this work this gives me.
  • The fact that you can travel around the world with a secure job is great.
  • I like sales because it’s constantly evolving, and you get to work with people who come from all different backgrounds but still ended up in the same place.


  • Sales are not for everyone. You will be hearing people saying No to you 90% of the time.
  • I get anxious in my own head a lot, and it’s been a journey of learning and emotional resilience to get to the place where I am now.
  • The downside of sales is that I can’t manage OTHER peoples’ emotions. I can’t take away the frustration from the customer, the fear from the rep, or the entitlement from the Account Executive (AE). We’re people dealing with people, and that can be a really volatile experience.

In the Work Abroad section, you can find more experiences earning internships and full-time job positions abroad! If you had a similar experience and want to inspire others to apply please send an email to

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