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Carolina Foundation aims to facilitate and promote the expansion of university graduate studies and the specialization and updating of knowledge of postgraduates, professors, researchers, artists and professionals from Latin American countries members of the Ibero-American Nations Community and Portugal.

There are different scholarships to which you can apply, it depends on the level of studies in which you are now:

  • Masters
  • PHD and short postdoctoral programs
  • Permanent training (mobility of Brazilian and Portuguese teachers)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Institutional Studies Program

1. Website

2. Country


3. University

There are agreements between different Spanish universities.

4. Areas

They vary according to the program you apply.

5. Types of Scholarships

Partial scholarships and loans

6. Duration

Varies according to the program you apply.

7. Award

Varies according to the program you apply. But mostly they cover:

  • A percentage of tuition.
  • Airplane ticket to and from Spain.
  • Health insurance.
  • Some scholarships also have support for accommodation and living expenses.

8. Eligibility

Each program has different requirements (so you must access the program you want to apply to and see its exact requirements). These are requirements that generally apply:

  • Be a national of a Latin American country member of the Ibero-American Community of Nations or of Portugal.
  • Have graduate degree related to the program before applying for the scholarship.
  • Don’t have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Good level of English.
  • Preferably profiles with previous professional experience.

9. Application Process

The application is online and you don’t have to send documents.

a. Enter the website: go to the scholarships page ( and click on “Register”.

b. Register: proceed to register and select the Send button.

c. Assess your private area: once registered, the candidates can access their private area. There you will find all the menu options (left margin).

d. See available scholarships: in the central part of the screen, you will find the scholarship offer.

e. Apply to an scholarship: to apply for a scholarship, the candidate must select the program in which they are interested in the central part of the screen and select the Request option. Finally, if you want to request more than one program, you can do so by clicking on the “New application” icon, and choosing the desired program.

10. Deadline

  • Opens: mid-December.
  • Closes: March and April depending on the program to which you want to apply.

Good luck!

Real Experience

Read in this post the experience of Tshamanny, a colombian friend who won the Carolina Foundation Scholarship (complete scholarship) to study a Master’s Degree in the University of Jaen in Andalucia, Spain!

Carolina Foundation: my experience winning an scholarship to study a Master’s Degree in Spain

Study - Carolina Foundation experience

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