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As a graduate with at least 2 years of experience, you can work with TechnoServe in a consulting project for around 3 to 5 months in any of the 29 countries in which this nonprofit organization operates. Check in this post the 10 most important things you need to know for the application process to the TechnoServe Fellows Program!

Also, you can read about my experience working with TechnoServe for 5 month in Zimbabwe in the blog post: My experience working with TechnoServe in Zimbabwe

1. TechnoServe Website

2. Country

TechnoServe operates in 29 countries:

  • North America: Mexico
  • Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua
  • South America: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru
  • Caribbean: Haiti
  • East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda
  • West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria
  • Southern Africa: Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

3. Organization

TechnoServe is a non profit organization that works with enterprising men and women in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries.​

4. Areas of Work

While no two projects are exactly alike, typical Fellow roles often involve:

  • Assessing and identifying opportunities for markets, value chains, and industries
  • Crafting business and funding strategies in partnership with TechnoServe clients
  • Strengthening the operations and/or organizational capacity of TechnoServe clients
  • Designing innovative TechnoServe projects and proposals
  • Evaluating program impact

5. Type of Work

Office work and field visits if necessary.

6. Duration

Most TechnoServe projects require at least a three-month commitment on the ground.

7. Compensation

While a salary is not offered, TechnoServe typically covers Fellows’ costs to travel to and live in-country for the duration of their projects. These costs may include international airfare, in-country accommodation and transportation, per diem expenses, visas, and other travel-related costs.

8. Eligibility

  • Fellows have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience and have proven business skills applicable to TechnoServe programs.
  • Many graduate students, especially MBA and MPP/MPA candidates, have spent their summers as Fellows. 
  • Also, TechnoServe have had Fellows with over 30 years of experience and who held senior-level management positions.
  • Successful candidates typically: have experience working in client services at management consulting companies, investment firms, and industry leaders
  • Fellows demonstrate interest in living and working in emerging markets; and bring stellar academic credentials.

9. Application steps

It’s very easy to participate, just follow these steps:

  • Check the website: in TechnoServe website you’ll find all the information regarding it’s mission and main activities around the world.
  • Apply to the Fellows Program: in the Fellows Program Page you’ll find the application process as well as a more detailed idea of the skills you should have to apply and the kind of projects in which you’ll be able to participate.
  • Fill in a form and send your CV: there are projects all around the world in different areas so filling the questionary will help TehnoServe team place you in the perfect project that matches your skills and interests.
  • Wait for an opportunity to emerge: try to apply 1 to 4 months in advance. Projects emerge every day and if the Fellows Program staff identifies a project that aligns with your skills, interests and availability, a member of the team will email you to share an overview of the project.
  • Interview: you would interview one or more times with the corresponding program team manager or country director. The program team, in partnership with the Fellows Program staff, will determine if an offer is appropriate.

10. Deadline

Application open all over the year.

Good luck!


Read my experience working with TechnoServe in Zimbabwe for 5 months.

My experience working with TechnoServe in Zimbabwe

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