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It doesn’t matter if  you are a student, young professional or adult. To succeed in your career, have an effective communication abroad and also make friends from all over the world it is extremely important to know several languages. And if you aren’t an English native speaker it’s essential to have an advanced level of English.

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus has 28 language schools all around the world and offers courses to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arab.

Check in this post the 10 most important things you need to know for the application process!

Also, you can read about my experience winning the Sprachcaffe Scholarship and spending an awesome month in Malta in the blog post: How to win the Sprachcaffe scholarship for a language course abroad

1. Sprachcaffe Website

2. Country

You can choose to study English in Malta, Spanish in Malaga, or German in Frankfurt. But don’t forget that Sprachcaffe also offers other languages in:

  • America: Canada, Mexico and The United States.
  • Europe: England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, and Spain.
  • Africa: Marruecos.
  • Asia: China.

3. School

For more than 30 years, people with a passion for languages from all over the world have been traveling with Sprachcaffe, experiencing exotic new countries, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and learning one of seven exciting languages.

4. Languages

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arab

5. Type of Scholarship


6. Duration

4 weeks

7. Award

  • 4-week intensive course in English (Malta), Spanish (Malaga) or German (Frankfurt). 30 lessons/week, max. 12 students.
  • Accommodation in a Sprachcaffe apartment.
  • Placement test + certificate.
  • Free textbook

8. Eligibility

  • Be a social media enthusiast. Got a blog, popular Instagram account or YouTube channel.
  • Want to share the experience with your audience.
  • Enjoy traveling.
  • Be at least 18 years old and looking to improve your English, Spanish or German.

9. Application steps

Visit the scholarship website and fill in the application form. Send Sprachcaffe a creative video (1-3 minutes) in which you share a bit about yourself and also about why you want to get the Scholarship. Make sure that you mention:

  • Why you want to go on a language trip with Sprachcaffe.
  • What the focus of your blog/Instagram account/YouTube channel is.
  • Which countries you have already travelled to.
  • Which languages you already speak.
  • Which destination would be the best for you (Malta, Malaga or Frankfurt) and why.
  • How you would share your experience with other language enthusiasts through your blog/Instagram account/YouTube channel.

Your video needs to be uploaded to YouTube.

10. Deadline

Application closes on: October

Good luck!


Reas here my experience winning the Sprachcaffe Scholarship to study an intensive English course in Malta for 1 month.

How to win the Sprachcaffe scholarship for a language course abroad

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