How to find volunteer projects with NGOs

How to find volunteer projects with NGOs

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Volunteer projects are one of the best ways to help others and help the environment while improving ourselves personally and professionally.

If you want to enter the world of volunteering, the first thing you should know is that there are generally 2 types of projects in which you can participate; those formally offered by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that at the end will give you an official certificate of participation, and those offered by small businesses and people from all over the world who are seeking help.

The E-vet search engine has a large database of projects with NGOs, most of which include accommodation and food. Some of them are free but others ask for an application fee (this depends on the country you want to visit).

For example, in the United States there are more funds for this type of project, so you will receive free accommodation and food in exchange for your help, while in India there are not as many funds for this type of project, so you will have to pay a small application fee to cover the NGO’s costs. 

In this article I will explain:

  1. Why should you use the E-vet search engine?
  2. Options to perform a search
  3. Tips to perform a search
  4. How to apply to a project?

But if you are interested in knowing more about all the projects, in general, you can read the post How to find paid volunteer projects abroad.

1. Why should you use the E-vet search engine?

The E-vet search engine (E-vet website) has one of the most extensive databases of volunteer projects from all around the world and you can perform a refined search by country, type of work and duration.

When you find the project of your interest, you can Google the organization that is offering it.

On their website, you can usually find more information about the project, its application process and contact information such as email or phone number.

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2. Options to perform a search

The advantage of this search engine is that you can filter by:

a. Region

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North Africa
  • North America
  • Oceania

b. Country

It now has options in 95 countries, but the list continues to grow.

c. Type of Project

  • Workcamp 1-3 weeks
  • LTV 6-12 months
  • MTV 3-6 months
  • Project Leader Training
  • EVS
  • TEEN project
  • Paid project
  • Senior project
  • Internacional meeting
  • Training
  • Permanent Project
  • Language course
  • Family project
  • Itinerant
  • Media
  • TECH (technical)
  • HSTAY (Au Pair)
  • SPEC (Special camp)
  • ALT (Alternative life)
  • AID
  • HIST (History)
  • OFFI (Office Work)
  • BI/TRI (Group Project)
  • PR (Public Relations)

d. Type of Work

  • RENO: renovation
  • ENVI: environmental
  • CONS: construction
  • ARCH: archeology
  • SOCI: social project
  • KIDS: work with kids
  • STUDY: theme project
  • DISA: work with people with disabilities
  • MANU: manual work
  • EDU: educational
  • ELDE: work with elderly
  • FEST: festival
  • CULT: cultural
  • AGRI: agricultural
  • Art: art type
  • SPORT: sports
  • YOGA
  • LANG: language project
  • TRANS: translation project
  • ANI: animals care
  • LEAD: project leader
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3. Tips to perform a search

Decide to which country you want to go to and what you want to do.

a. Location

To select a country, consider its language, culture, quality of life, proximity to your country and cost of airplane tickets (if it is very expensive you can search for projects within your own country).

b. Type of Work

There’s a wide range of work types so choose something you’re really interested in. This is an opportunity to help and learn new skills at the same time. These projects are an important contribution to your development and you can mention them on your CV because you will get a certificate of attendance; therefore you can reinforce some of your qualities or develop some areas.

c. Application Fee

Check if the project asks for an application fee and if it does add this amount to your budget to know how much you will have to pay in total to live this experience. The projects usually include food and accommodation so you only have to pay for transportation and extras such as souvenirs.

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4. How to apply to a project?

Once you’ve found a project you’re interested in, find the name of the organization that offers it on Google, login to their website and check how is their application process. Contact them by email and start your application.

If you can’t find the organization on Google, contact a recruitment agency in your country (find the full list here).

Don’t miss your chance to go volunteering!

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