10 best restaurants in Isla Holbox in Mexico

Basico Isla Holbox Mexico

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There is a broad variety of restaurants in Isla Holbox, offering various choices to accommodate different budget preferences. Read in this post about the variety of dining options available on this island.

Ceviche, lobster pizza, octopus, tikinxic fish, fish tacos, shrimp tamales and lobster burritos are some of the most famous dishes in Holbox.

But first, where is Holbox? Holbox is a small, bohemian island off the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, diverse wildlife, and tranquil, car-free atmosphere. You can read about the top 10 things to do in Holbox HERE.

Which is Holbox food scene?

It’s essential to note that the cost of eating in Holbox, as in many tourist destinations, can vary based on the type of restaurant and the dishes you choose.

  1. Upscale and Beachfront Restaurants: may have higher prices, especially for seafood specialties and premium dining experiences. Prices can range from $30 to $100 USD or more per person, especially if you include drinks.
  2. Mid-Range Restaurants: typically offer a variety of dishes at moderate prices. Expect to pay a bit more for seafood dishes and international cuisine. Dining here could cost you between $15 to $30 USD per person for a meal.
  3. Street Food and Casual Eateries: often offer more budget-friendly options. You can find items like tacos, empanadas, and local snacks at affordable prices. You might spend around $5 to $15 USD per meal.

Which are the best restaurants in isla Holbox?

Upscale and Beachfront Restaurants:

  • Luuma
  • Basico
  • Piedrasanta
  • Mandarina Restaurant by Casa las Tortugas

Mid-Range Restaurants:

  • Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant
  • Roots Pizza
  • Painapol
  • Rosa Mexicano

Street Food and Casual Eateries:

  • Temoc Tacos & Mezcal
  • TacoQueto
  • Extra: Street food in Holbox

1. Luuma Holbox

Luuma Holbox is one of the most popular restaurants in Isla Holbox offering a diverse menu with seafood and Mexican dishes. You can live a combined experience: besides being a restaurant & Cocktail bar it’s also an art gallery and boutique. 

Prices:  $20 – $40 USD

Luuma Isla Holbox Mexico
Luuma Isla Holbox Mexico
Luuma Isla Holbox Mexico 2

2. Basico Restaurant Holbox

Its cuisine proposal is contemporary Mexican fusioning seafood, and achieving a special and original flavor. Its cocktail mixology is specially designed in each drink mixing spices and fruits. It has good music and funky vibes.

Prices: $16 – $40 USD

Basico Isla Holbox Mexico
Basico Isla Holbox Mexico
Basico Isla Holbox Mexico

3. Piedrasanta Holbox

Piedrasanta resemblance a mystic jungle mixed with a perfect experience of authentic flavors. The gastronomy is exquisite and the mixology is of a unique level. Both the dinner and the drinks are a visual experience. The service is amazing, the whole team works to make the diner an unforgettable experience, each dish is explained in detail and they make you feel cared for.

Prices: $20 – $35 USD

Pietra Santa Isla Holbox Mexico

4. Mandarina Restaurant by Casa las Tortugas

Mandarina, one of the nicest restaurants in Isla Holbox, offers a mix of Mexican and international cuisine with a focus on fresh ingredients. Mandarina is a must for quality meals and great ambiance. Which is their secret? Local ingredients.

Price: $10 – 30 USD

5. Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant in Holbox

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner this Italian restaurant known for its pasta and seafood dishes. Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant is also centrally located and has nice views.

Casa Nostra Holbox Mexico

6. Roots Pizza Holbox

Roots Pizza is well known for its delicious pizzas and casual ambiance. The most famous of their wood-fired pizzas is the lobster pizza. Their wine cellar is 100% Mexican.

Prices: $5 – $32 USD

7. Painapol Holbox Restaurant

Painapol Holbox serves vegan friendly breakfasts and healthy lunches from 8 am to 3 pm. Painapol craft their smoothie bowls and jars with love, serving great meals and homemade cakes.

Price: $3 – $24 USD

Painapol Holbox Mexico

8. Rosa Mexicano Restaurant in Holbox

This open-air restaurant is just off the main plaza and serves traditional Mexican recipes with a contemporary twist. It is open all day from breakfast through dinner. For breakfast you can choose from the delicious a la carte menu, or Rosa Mexicano also offers a continental breakfast buffet with eggs or chilaquiles, yogurt, fruit, coffee and juice. Lunch and dinner menus include a variety of quality meat, seafood and fish dishes, all with fresh ingredients. There are also signature dishes such as octopus enchilado.

Price: $6 – $27 USD

Rosa Mexicano Holbox Mexico

9. Temoc Tacos & Mezcal

 Amazing seafood & tacos with delicious drinks (specially with mezcal). At nights there’s live music. The price/quality is great and you can have a good time.

Price: $2 – $10 USD

Barba Negra Holbox Mexico
Barba Negra Holbox Mexico
Barba Negra Holbox Mexico

10. TacoQueto Holbox Restaurant

If you’re in search of authentic Mexican taste, I strongly suggest trying TacoQueto, the top Caribbean Taco spot in Holbox Island. Indulge in the “Pastor” (pork) tacos served in either flour or corn tortillas, along with the traditional “Burrito,” “Quesadillas,” or “Gringas.” Open from 6pm to 12am

Price: $2 – $10 USD

TacoQueto Holbox Mexico
TacoQueto Holbox Mexico 1

Extra: street food in Isla Holbox

Holbox Island offers a delightful array of street food that reflects the region’s vibrant flavors and culinary traditions. In the center of the town you can find several food stalls. Some of the dishes you should try are tacos al pastor, elotes (corn), churros, marquesitas, empanadas, fish tacos, tamales, and fresh fruit cups.

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10 best restaurants in Isla Holbox

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