Signal Hill: sundowners, paragliding and hiking in Cape Town, South Africa

Signal Hill - Cape Town - South Africa

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Signal Hill has become a must-do when you are in Cape Town especially in the evenings to watch the sunset over the Atlantic. You can drive or walk up the hill for an amazing view over the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, the ocean and a lot more.

Besides that, Signal Hill is a part of the Table Mountain National Park and it is named ‘Signal Hill’ because the cannons on the hill were once used to signal the arrival of new ships.

1. Sundowners

Signal Hill is probably the most popular place to see the sunset and it is really worth it! On the 350 meters high hill you will see the sun setting over the Atlantic and the sky becoming pink, orange and purple before the dark.

This beautiful place has a big tent where you can sit around all the other people who will also see the sunset or you can go to a more secluded place surrounded by nature.

Signal Hill - Cape Town - south africa

This nice place is often visited by couples in the evenings who enjoy the romance of the sunset. Signal Hill is also perfect for picnic dinners with accompanying drinks, so just pack your favorite food and have an amazing experience with friends or family.

Signal Hill - Cape Town - south africa
Signal Hill - Cape Town - south africa

2. Paragliding

During the day, this is a popular launch site for paragliding, these are some companies that you can choose, so get some courage and do this amazing activity! A flight will last between 5 to 20 minutes usually and all companies offer photographs and video at an additional price.

a. Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding settled down in Cape Town in 2007 and offers tandem paragliding flights from Signal Hill or Lion’s Head depending on the weather and wind conditions.

Read more information on Cape Town Tandem Paragliding website

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

b. Fly Cape Town

Fly Cape Town Tandem paragliding flights are mostly done from Signal Hill and on occasion when the wind direction allows from Lions Head inside the beautiful Table Mountain National park.

Read more information on Fly Cape Town website.

Fly Cape Town Paragliding

c. Icarus Paraglading

Icarus Paraglading offers standard paragliding flights from Lions Head and Signal Hill in Cape Town and further out of Cape Town in Hermanus.

Read more information on Icarus Tandem Paragliding website.

d. Para-pax Paragliding

Since 1999 they have offered flights. They start in Signal Hill or Lion’s Head.

Read more information on Para-pax Paragliding website

Para pax Paragliding Cape Town

3. Hiking

You can decide if you want to hike or drive to the top of Signal Hill. Let’s start explaining where is it located.


Signal Hill is located next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. It marks the boundary of Table Mountain National Park that stretches all the way from Cape Point to Signal Hill.

The suburbs of Sea Point and Green point are separated from the City Bowl by Signal Hill. It can be accessed through Military Street, Bo Kaap.

Signal hill cape town map

How to get there

If you are located in the city center, these are several options you can take:

  • By car: Reaching the viewpoint is as easy as driving up Kloof Nek Road from the city and then taking a right at the top of the hill.
  • By bus: MyCiTi Bus does not go to Signal Hill, it is necessary to call an Uber for Signal Hill but if you want to save money, you can go with the MyCiti Bus to the nearest stop, Kloof Nek, and call Uber from there that will cost you around $42 ZAR = $4 USD.
  • By UBER/Taxify: you can take an UBER / Taxify and get to Signal Hill in around 15 minutes from Cape Town’s city center. This will cost you around $60 ZAR = $5 USD.
  • City Sightseeing: the red bus also goes there with a special line to see the sunset (Sunset Bus, only in summer). It costs $110 ZAR = $9 USD.


Hiking is amazing and it won’t take you too much time to get to the top. Definitely worth the experience because all along the way the views are incredible.

Signal Hill - lions head - Cape Town - south africa
Signal Hill - lions head - Cape Town - south africa

Extra 1. Lion’s Head

If you reach Signal Hill you can also hike up Lion’s Head. It is a popular mountain walk and is especially nice at full moon. Right after the chapel on Signal Hill you can walk straight up the hill to Lion’s Head to link these two mountains in one hike.

Read more about it on the blog post 5 things you should know before hiking Lion’s Head in Cape Town, South Africa

Signal Hill - lions head - Cape Town - south africa
Signal Hill - lions head - Cape Town - south africa
Signal Hill - lions head - Cape Town - south africa

Extra 2. Noon Gun

Noon Gun is positioned just below the top of signal Hill and you can access it through Bo-Kaap (Military Street) just watch out for the signs.

The firing of the Noon Gun is Cape Town’s oldest tradition and the guns used are two of the oldest in the world.

Initially the guns at Signal Hill notified the public when a ship was arriving. But although it is no necessary to do this anymore, this old tradition still takes places every day (except Sundays) exactly at 12:00.

Signal Hill - Cape Town - South Africa

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  1. 26/02/2018 / 12:21 PM

    I’m always up for a hike, and hiking up Signal Hill to watch the sunset would be fab! I love that they set off their cannons! In the town I live in, they used to do that with very small cannons on special occasions, but stopped because some of the dogs on the boats freaked out. While I wouldn’t want any dog to be upset by the noise, I still miss it.

  2. Tami
    26/02/2018 / 12:15 PM

    What an adventure to say you’ve been to Capetown — it seems so far away and exotic to me! I’d especially love seeing the beautiful sunset views. I think it’s a lovely tradition to still shoot the cannon at noon every day!

  3. 25/02/2018 / 5:33 AM

    I missed all of this when we were in Cape Town! Obviously have to get back (there’s seriously so much to do!) I did want to hike up Lions Head while we were there because everyone raved about the views but we just ran out of time. Looks like a fabulous place for sunset though, and I would love to get some paragliding in. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  4. 25/02/2018 / 5:03 AM

    I would love to do the hike and see the sunset at Signal Hill! Your photos are beautiful. Did you go paragliding? I think I’d be to scared to do it!

  5. 24/02/2018 / 3:44 PM

    Exploring Capetown in South Africa is definitely on my bucket list! I would love to see the sunset at Signal Hill and to overlook Table Mountain & Lion’s Head.
    The paragliding also sounds like a great adventure though I am not sure if a company that models itself after Icarus is the right option for me! haha

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