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Would you like to discover a magical part of northwest Mexico? Have you ever thought of traveling from Chihuahua, Chihuahua to Los Mochis, Sinaloa? Did you know that on this route you will see the Copper Canyons? Do you know why the Copper Canyons are famous? Have you heard that the Chepe Train is the only passenger train in Mexico and that it offers a luxury service?

I recently discovered that the Chepe Train offers a route with which you can explore the Copper Canyon in comfort and over several days (there are different tours to choose from depending on your vacation time). You can stay in luxury hotels and do different tourist activities among which are:

  • Zip Line: This is the longest zip line in the world where you can go more than 130 kilometers per hour.
  • Cable car: cross the Copper Canyon by cable car
  • Waterfall: visit the highest waterfall in Mexico.
  • Culture: learn about the culture, traditions, and history of the Tarahumara civilization.

Now I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to discover this incredible part of my beautiful country, Mexico:

  1. The Chepe Train
  2. The Chepe Train Tour
  3. Tourist Activities
  4. Lodging in boutique hotels
  5. Travel packages and prices
Mapa de mexico Sinaloa Chihuahua

1. The Chepe Train

The Chihuahua Railroad to the Pacific, also known as “The Chepe Train” (due to the initials Ch.P.) travels more than 600 km crossing the incredible Copper Canyon and the beautiful landscapes of the Mexican land. In the route, stops are made in different stations where you can do different tourist activities and stay in beautiful hotels.

The cost of the trip depends on the train you choose and the cabin class:

a. Express Chepe Train

It’s the most luxurious. It has a bar, restaurant, and terrace. And it has 2 categories (executive and tourist).

  • Business Class: has ergonomic reclining seats with central table, snack and beverage service, 4 HD screens, service on board, 2 luxury bathrooms, and more.
  • Tourist: has reclining seats, 4 HD screens, 2 luxury bathrooms, and more.

b. Regional Chepe Train

It’s the cheapest and most popular. It has a cafeteria.

2. The Chepe Train Tour

The Chepe Train connects the cities of Chihuahua in the state of Chihuahua and Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa. crossing the Copper Canyons.

Depending on the train you choose to make your journey, there will be the following stops:

a. Express Chepe Train

Has 4 stops:

  • Los Mochis
  • El Fuerte
  • Divisadero
  • Creel

b. Regional Chepe Train

Has 8 stops:

  • Los Mochis
  • El Fuerte
  • Temoris
  • Bahuichivo
  • Divisadero (Copper Canyons)
  • Creel
  • Cuauhtemoc
  • Chihuahua

3. Tourist Activities

The trip not only has incredible views, but also has activities that will make you adrenaline rush and you will remember forever:

Lo Mochis

  • Topolobampo Bay: boat ride and fishing
  • Sinaloa Park: botanical garden.

El Fuerte

  • Kayak in the river “El Fuerte”.
  • Rafting along the river “El Fuerte”.
  • Local dance show
Mirador Cerro del Gallego Cañón de Urique-chepe-barrancas-del-cobre-chihuahua-sinaloa-mexico


  • Cerro del Gallego (viewpoint overlooking the Sierra Tarahumara)
  • Cerocahui Waterfall
  • Jesuit Mission Church of San Fransciso


  • Copper Canyon Adventure Park: zip lines, cable car, ATVs, rappelling and more.
  • Visit  Tarahumara Communities.


  • Piedra Volada Waterfall: the highest in Mexico and 11th highest in the world.
  • Recowata: hot springs at 35ºC
  • Visit Tarahumara Communities.


  • Mennonite Museum: learn about the customs of the Mennonites (farmers of German and Dutch descent).
  • Cathedral
Centro de Chihuahua tren-chepe-barrancas-del-cobre-chihuahua-sinaloa-mexico


  • Chihuahua Cathedral
  • Museum of Sacred Art
  • Museum of the Revolution

4. Lodging in boutique hotels

A very important part that will make your trip unforgettable, will be the hotels where you will stay. This route has emblematic hotels that are located near the stations where the train stops.

I’m going to mention some of the most recognized:

hotel mirador tren-chepe-barrancas-del-cobre-chihuahua-sinaloa-mexico

Mirador Hotel

Built into a ravine, it has been awarded for having one of the most splendid views in the world from its terraces.


Posada del Hidalgo Hotel

This hotel was home to famous people like Venustiano Carranza and Diego de la Vega “El Zorro”.

BestWestern The Lodge At Creel

BestWestern The Lodge At Creel

It offers lodging in wood cabana rooms with quality and comfortable facilities.

5. Travel packages and prices

Hoteleus is the #1 Tour Operator Agency of the Chepe Train Route in the Copper Canyons. On their website you can find over 40 different all-inclusive Copper Canyons trips with which you can enjoy all of the above without having to invest time in planning your trip.

a. Packages

  • Prices: from 9,200 to 25,900 MXN (480 to 1,300 USD)
  • Duration: from 3 to 9 days

b. Prices

Here is a summary of the tours that caught my attention. To see the updated prices click HERE

  • VIP 3 Days: Mochis – Chihuahua (9,239 MXN = 480 USD)
  • VIP 4 Days: Chihuahua-Barrancas-Chihuahua (10,165 MXN = 530 USD)
  • Tourist 5 Days: Mochis-Urique-Barrancas-Chihuahua (11,155 MXN = 580 USD)
  • VIP 6 Days: Chihuahua-Barrancas-Creel-Chihuahua (12,933 MXN = 670 USD)
  • Two Trains VIP 7 Days Chepe Express and Regional: Mochis a Chihuahua (17,679 MXN = 917 USD)
  • VIP 9 Days: Mochis-Urique-Barrancas-Creel-Batopilas-Basaseachi-Chihuahua (24,847 MXN = 1,290 USD)

c. More details

On the website of Hoteleus you can find:

  • Details: start city, end city, what is included and excluded, hotels included and optional services.
  • Itinerary: itinerary day by day.
  • Map: you can see the route.
  • Gallery: many incredible photos of the tour.
  • Reviews: opinions of people who previously took the tour.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are mine.

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