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Volunteer Latin America

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If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher, taking care of animals, doing medical work, protecting the environment or doing other similar volunteer work; you can find a wide range of opportunities (some of them with all expenses paid and free flights), in Volunteer Latin America. It will be very easy for you to find suitable projects by type or work, location and keywords.

1. Website


2. Country

You can choose a host in one of the 21 countries (all in Central and South America) in which Volunteer Latin America now operates.

3. Organization

Volunteer Latin America is an animal friendly and environmental organization that promotes voluntary projects. The benefits of volunteering through this organization include that you can volunteer abroad for free, develop yourself and gain valuable experiences.

4. Types of hosts

The type of host totally depends on the project that you choose.

5. Type of Work

You can choose between different categories:

  • Administration & Office
  • Advocacy & human rights
  • Animals & Wildlife
  • Arts & culture
  • Business & finance
  • Catering & cooking
  • Children & youth
  • Community development
  • Computers & technology
  • Construction & maintenance
  • Environment & conservation
  • Environmental education
  • Farming & gardening
  • Free volunteering
  • Health & social care
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Interships
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Mind, body & spirit
  • Miscellaneous
  • Permaculture
  • Photography & video
  • Project management
  • Projects for under 18’s
  • Science & research
  • Sports & adventure
  • Sustainable development
  • Teaching
  • Volunteering work & Spanish classes
  • Women’s issues

6. Duration

Each project will have a different length that will depend on the requirements of the host that you choose. Some of the projects require a minimum stay that could vary from a couple of weeks or months.

7. Fee

You can see available opportunities without paying for the site membership but you will only be able to see a brief description of the projects; for the complete description and capability to send messages to the hosts you need to pay.

There are 4 types of memberships all of them valid for 2 years. They will allow you to fully view the information of the projects, apply and leave a review. If you are confident you can do the whole process alone, then you can buy the Indy membership but if you want to receive guidance then you should choose one of the other memberships:

  • The Indy: 10 GBP = 14 USD
  • The Leads: 20 GBP = 27 USD
  • The Buzz: 25 GBP = 34 USD 
  • The Placement: 50 GBP = 68 USD

Read more information about Volunteer Latin America Memberships here.

Register to Volunteer Latin America here.

8. Eligibility

You should be 18 years old or over because most organizations look for volunteers who are these ages. If you are under 18 you still have the chance to get involved although the number of projects available to you would be less.

9. Application steps 

It is easy to participate, just follow these steps:

  1. Register with Volunteer Latin America (any of the 4 memberships).
  2. Depending on your interests, search the different volunteer projects by location, category or keywords.
  3. Contact the host of the project that matches your interests and skills. The application process for each organization will vary, some will accept just a message stating the dates you want to participate, whereas other might require you to submit an online application form or to have an interview.
  4. Once you have been accepted for a project, start planning your trip and go into a new adventure.

10. Deadline

Application open all over the year.

Good luck!

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  1. Nambago
    06/10/2020 / 3:35 PM

    Am a graduate teacher with a master’s degree,I also lecture at Uganda Martyrs university Nkonzi in Masaka district, Uganda,I can teach social studies,R.E, English language,am a consultant teacher,I can also compose and sing music.Thank you

  2. bakir
    27/01/2019 / 4:36 AM

    Hi. My name is bakir. I’m a Photoshop designer and I want to volunteer. Are there volunteering opportunities funded in the design field?

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