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Would you like to get an authentic insight into a foreign country? Experience another language and culture with the help of a host family? Make friends for life and improve your CV? Then why not become an au pair? AuPairWorld is a platform where au pairs and host families can get in touch with each other.

1. AuPairWorld Website

2. Country

You can choose a host in one of the 21 countries in which AuPairWorld now operates. Most of them are European countries and USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

3. Organization

AuPairWorld is one of the world’s leading au pair agencies on the Internet. Since its foundation in 1999, more than 3 million au pairs and host families have registered.

On AuPairWorld, au pairs and host families can find each other by their own initiative, quickly and directly. The users benefit not only from the greatest choice of au pairs and host families worldwide but also from the dedicated support of their experienced team.

4. Types of hosts

The hosts are families, where you live in your own room in their houses.

5. Type of Work

The main responsibility is to take care of the host family’s children. Besides this, au pairs also help with everyday household activities, like setting the table, putting away the dishes from the dishwasher or looking after the family’s pet.

6. Duration

Most au pairs stay from one month to one year. As au pair regulations differ from country to country you should check this list or information on the officially allowed duration of stay in your favorite country.

7. Fee

AuPairWorld is free for au pairs.

8. Eligibility

The au pair visa regulations differ from country to country. Check this link for the list on the different au pair ages.

9. Application steps

It is very easy to participate to AuPairWorld, just follow these steps:

  1. Check the website of AuPairWorld
  2. Create your profile for free
  3. Search: View matching profiles displayed in your personal EasyFind based on the search criteria defined during your registration
  4. Get in touch with host families
  5. Sign your AuPair contract

10. Deadline

Application open all over the year.

Good luck!


For more information you can read the experience from Laura from Spain who worked as an Au Pair in England in this post: My experience as an Au Pair in England

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