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Tailwind SmartLoops

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Add your Pins to SmartLoop once and Tailwind will re-circulate them for you indefinitely.

SmartLoops saves you time scheduling pins from your own boards to your own boards and/or group boards. You’ll be able to schedule a group of pins into a group of boards indefinite times.

For example, if you select 12 pins into 7 boards, you’ll automatically have scheduled 12×7=84 pins to be published at your desired frequency (e.g. 1 time per day).

And then you can choose to loop your pins all year around or in a specific time period and you’ll be able to pause the loop whenever you like.

In this post you’ll learn the most important:

  1. Step by step guide
  2. Explanatory video
  3. Best Practices
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Prices

1. Step by step guide

The following are the steps to use Smart Loops:

1. Click on “Publisher” -> “SmartLoop” and click on “New Loop”

2. Select a Loop Type: you can choose between Evergreen (reschedule Pins all year round) or Seasonal (reschedule Pins between set Start and End dates each year). Usually, I’d select Evergreen unless it’s a blog post like for example “Top activities in South Africa in winter”.

Tailwind SmartLoop step by step 2

3. Add a name to your loop and Select Boards: choose the boards you want the Pins in the Loop to post to. I’d suggest you choose boards from the same topic (the boards can either be on your Pinterest account or group boards).

In this example I’ll name my Loop “Europe” and I’ll select 5 boards: my board called “Exploring Europe” and the group boards “All over the world”, “European Travels”, “Best Blogs”, and “Lovely Bloggers”.

Tailwind SmartLoop step by step 3

4. Tip: you can save time if you create Board Lists first. For this click on “Publisher” -> “Board Lists” -> “Click to Add a list” -> Insert name and add the boards.

Tailwind Smartloop Step by step 4

5. Add Pins from Pinterest: choose pins (preferably from the same topic). You can filter by selecting specific boards in your account or by adding keywords and then select all the pins that appear on the search or only the ones that you want to schedule. You can also select to only show pins from your website.

In this example, I’ll select 6 pins from my board “+Exploring Europe”.

*6 pins scheduled in 5 boards = 6 x 5 = 50 total scheduled pins.

Tailwind Smartloop Step by step 5

6. Customize your SmartLoop Schedule: You’ll be able to select how many times per day or per week should Tailwind pin from the Loop and how much time should Tailwind wait before publishing the same Pin to a different board to ensure that you don’t post the same content back to back to closely together.

In this example, I’ll select first to pin 1 time per day. Then the approximate time to loop through all Pins is 1 month which makes sense with 30 pins scheduled at 1 per day.

BUT Tailwind will tell me that this is spammy, so I’ll select 31 days between the same pin because at least 1 month should pass before the same pin is posted again

Tailwind Smartloop Step by step 6

7. Board Rules: you can set the rules of the group boards (example: do not publish more than 1 pin per day) and Tailwind will follow them. If you make more SmartLoops it will also take care that the rules are respected between them, but Tailwind won’t consider the pins that you manually program in the scheduler.

Tailwind Smartloop 7

8. Schedule: In the end, you’ll be able to see the schedule on the right. The pins scheduled with SmartLoop will have a sign in the top right and their color will indicate the loop they belong to.

Tailwind Smartloop 8.1

9. Pause loops: You can pause your loop at any time. and that will remove all the loops from the schedule.

10. Loop performance: you can see how many pins have been published, number of repins, and how many repins/pin. For the loop as well as for each pin. Also, you can see a summary of all loops at the top left.

11. Edit: you can also delete pins, edit their description, etc. after you have finished.

2. Explanatory video

The following video is from the official Tailwind account on YouTube:

3. Best Practices

  • The most successful accounts on Tailwind publish 15-25 Pins/day on average. Read more HERE.
  • You should only repin old pins once in 4-6 months.
  • Publish more “fresh” Pins relative to duplicates to maximize your reach and traffic potential. You can create different versions of pins with different images for the same blog post.
  • Try to avoid duplicates: if your loops are constantly publishing the same pins you’ll have a lot of duplicate pins on the same board. Go back and erase the duplicates from your own boards.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

a. Advantages

  • You can schedule a lot of pins quickly and save time.
  • If you click on “Shuffle Queue”, Tailwind will randomly rearrange all the pins that you have added to your queue but your SmartLoops won’t move.
  • When you familiarize yourself with the platform it’s very easy to use.

b. Disadvantages

  • 250 SmartLoop pins in the basic plan are not enough.
  • If you edit a SmartLoop the next pins to be scheduled will follow the new rules but the ones already scheduled will remain the same. For example, if you had a SmartLoop called Europe where you wanted to pin to the boards “Germany”, “Spain” and “Italy” and you decide to remove”Italy”, you’ll still see a first set of pins that were already scheduled to Italy. You’ll need to remove that board manually or delete the loop and make it again.

5. Prices

Tailwind Plus plan costs 9.99 USD per month paid annually, and 14.99 USD paid monthly and comes with:

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 250 active SmartLoop posts
  • 5 Tailwind Tribes with 30 monthly submissions

But 250 active SmartLoop posts are not really enough. For example, I have written 200 blog posts so if I’d like to schedule them all in their own board plus let’s say, other 6 group boards, that would be 200×7= 1,400 posts. Which is not enough for me.

The following are the prices of the PowerUps:

Smart Loop PowerUp: 4.99 USD per month paid annually and 7.99 USD paid monthly.

  • 500 active SmatLoop posts.

The following are the prices of both Tailwind Plus Plan + SmartLoop PowerUps:

Tailwind SmartLoop Prices

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